My name is Tyler Conteh I am a mother, wife, licensed Behavior analyst, and Beauty enthusiast! I found my passion for haircare through creating content on how to care for and style my daughter’s natural textured hair. We began working with major brands such as curls, urban hydration, target, curlfest and many more. We enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to make a brand that speaks life into others through hair, Official Growth Garden. We learned the power of growth and prosperity and designed a brand that will provide any desired style. Staying true to our Natural Roots, we created a garden of hair textures designed to mimic not 1 but all hair textures , from 4c kinky to raw straight. We wanted to provide not only hair extensions, but methods that can be used as protective styles and to nurture our own hair. When you shop at the Garden know that we have taken time and care to hand pick your delivery. Thank you for choosing us to support your on your hair journey. Welcome home 🤎

With love, Tyler Conteh